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Adherence to the male-taller norm was evident in these data since men were taller than their partners in 92.5% of the couples, significantly more often than the expected 89.8% when mating was random with respect to height . The male-taller norm was thus violated in 10.2% of the couples when mating was random, while in the original population this norm was violated in 7.5% of the couples, a 26% reduction . Furthermore, bins in which the female was substantially taller than the male (PHDTable 1; Figure 2B), indicating that when the male-taller norm was violated it was most likely violated only slightly. For each participant, we analyzed ratings on 40 7-point bipolar adjective pairs (e.g. “submissive” to “dominant”) representing the five factors of personality. Adjective pairs were chosen as the highest-loading items from Goldberg . For personality preferences in a mate, participants rated their desired partner personality on the same set of bipolar adjective scales.

38 This narrative expression exemplifies why adolescents prefer sexuality-related discussions with their same-sex parents. 41 documented that parent-adolescent communication on sexual issues occurred more with adolescent girls than boys. Emphasis on girls stems from the notion that girls disproportionately bear the consequences of sexual risk behaviors such as unplanned pregnancy and unsafe abortions. 39 found that feeling ashamed and fearing being misconstrued as engaging in sex were drawbacks to adolescents initiating sexuality-related conversations with their parents.

We investigated whether and how the observed distribution of Parental Height Differences (PHD; male height minus female height in cm) differed from the distribution expected under random mating over height. To obtain an estimate of PHD under random mating, we generated 10,000 samples in R , each sample being a complete randomization of the 12,502 couples . We compared the distribution of PHD resulting from these random samples to the PHD distribution in the original population, to examine the differences between the observed heights and the heights in random mating. For instance, the bin 15 to 20 cm, indicating that the male partner was 15 to 20 cm taller than the female, occurred exactly 2,586 times in the original population.

S3 Data. Study 4 data.

These articles might present original research data and findings, or take a position on a key question within the field. They can be difficult to read, because their intended audience is other experts and academics, but they are at the top of the line when it comes to authoritative information. With this technique, we were able to statistically assess simultaneously the male-taller norm, the male-not-too-tall norm, and whether preferred partner height differences are dependent on one’s own height. We compare our estimates to those previously reported on partner height preferences, to assess how well preferences translate into pair formation . Although assortative mating, the male-taller norm, and the male-not-too-tall norm may be considered as distinct preference rules, this need not be the case.

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Educational levels, for instance, may be considered as sub-populations. Height is positively related to education , and assortative mating for education is widely observed . Thus, the correlation between partner heights might therefore at least in part be a consequence of the correlation between the educational attainments of the partners.

For these two reasons we believe it is unlikely that the non-random pairing with respect to height is a consequence of assortative mating for other characteristics. Euclidean preference fulfillment alone is not sufficient evidence to rule out this alternative hypothesis. Future research must continue to apply Euclidean distances to predict and explain mating phenomena. The greater diversity of mating phenomena a Euclidean algorithm is able to predict, the more confident researchers can be that human preference psychology actually employs a Euclidean algorithm to integrate mate preferences.

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On the contrary, individuals in thriving relationships embrace conflict over personality differences as a way to work them through. Gottman adds that good relationships aren’t about clear communication—they’re about small moments of attachment and intimacy. It takes time and work to make such moments part of the fabric of everyday life. Gottman discusses these and other nuances of his wisdom, acquired from experience and research, in this edited version of Coutu’s conversation with him.

She’d tell him to grow up and would say, “Hey, I have this baby sucking at my teats and now you’re being a baby, too. I don’t need this kind of crap from you, so just suck it up and get on with it. You’re a new father, and quit having those conversations with that woman at work.” So he decided not to share the experience with his wife because, he thought, “Nothing really happened anyway.” But something did happen, and now he’s got a secret.

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